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All About Her


Anushka has been playing KoL since 2004. She got the link for the game from a friend and quickly spread the addiction on to anyone who would listen, including her then-friend, now-boyfriend Silverwolf727. Her most memorable KoL moments include "The time she and her friend started their clan, The Mended Drum (applications welcome)," "The time she and Silverwolf shared their first kiss listening to the Jick and Skullhead show," and "The time she blew 130 MILLION meat to buy Silverwolf an orphan baby yeti for his birthday." Her favorite things to do in-game are obtain new familiars and trophies, collect balloons, and hang out in /games.

"Birdhouse In Your Radio"


Anushka hosts "Birdhouse In Your Radio" on GKOL. This is a "free-form" radio show, which is another way of saying Anushka can't decide on a theme. There is generally a theme within a show but each week that theme is different. Regardless of theme there is generally a lot of They Might Be Giants, because Anushka less than threes them so much.

Requests and Donations


Anushka doesn't have a lot of music and that which she does have is pretty eclectic so if you want to hear something specific, odds are she doesn't have it. Please send the song you're requesting to Donations should be sent to her prize multi, GoldElf, with a note that it's for a radio donation.