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About the Station

Radio Games KoL (or just GKOL for short) was started by a committed group of people who felt like the /games chat channel should have its own Shoutcast radio station. Radio KOL (RKOL) was already a pretty established station as the "official un-official radio station" for KoL, but didn't provide the same sort of games that have come to be expected in the /games chat channel. Plus, many /gamers have their own /games community and wanted to hear people they knew from that channel broadcasting on air.

So, GKOL was born. Certainly not as massive and constant as RKOL, GKOL served its purpose by providing a fun place for people to play all sorts of music, to talk, to ramble, and to give stuff away. The GKOL slogan was a direct result of this different mentality; RKOL DJs give away prizes that are pretty highly sought-after, since they're in-game items created by Jick. However, one DJ, after being bugged by a lot of greedy listeners begging for more contests and games, allegedly responded by saying "we don't exist to give you sh*t!" On the other hand, that's really the whole point of GKOL: "We exist to give you sh*t," and we take pride in the fact that we can mix games and music to provide a different listening experience, while still supporting the great work RKOL does.

Since it's conception, GKOL has had a few different owners and gone through a couple phases of life. Merric is the current Station Manager, and applications for DJs are still routinely opened to help fill in our ranks with new DJs. GKOL DJs have set weekly broadcast times for their shows which you can see on the schedule page, but often fill in extra time slots when there's empty air space, so you can also check out the listen page to find ways to check if GKOL is online.

About the Game

Kingdom of Loathing (KoL) is an online multiplayer roleplaying game that works on a turn-based, individual setting. It is designed and operated by Asymmetric Publications, and is noted for its humor and its simple hand-drawn graphics. Launched in February 2003, the game had attracted a player base of 140,000 regular users by 2006. Total registration numbers (including deleted and inactive members) rose above a million players by 2007.

In KoL players fight monsters for experience, for meat (the game's currency), and for items, through a turn-based system. However, an exciting part of the game is the way players can interact with each other: through player versus player competition, participating in the in-game economy by trading goods and services, organizing themselves in clans, and participating in chatrooms embedded within the game. It's free to sign up, so here's a link to KOL.

Contact Us!

In-game, feel free to contact any of our DJs if you have questions.
You can also email us at
For problems, suggestions, or information about the website, contact Merric in-game or email him at