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All About Him

Merric's Avatar

Merric is the Hiring Manager and Webmaster for GKOL. He recently got his Master's in English Education from Michigan State University and has since relocated to San Francisco. He eventually plans to get a Doctorate from UC Berkeley and teach at a University in the Bay Area. Still in his prime at 25, Merric enjoys political grandstanding, staring at a computer screen for hours, the sound of his own voice, reading trashy Sci-Fi and Fantasy series, and drinking Long Islands. He seems to be in a perpetual state of being single (but has recently hit some good luck), is a huge flirt, and like any Mean Girls enthusiast, is "almost too gay too function." Musically, his tastes are very eclectic. He counts Barenaked Ladies, Daft Punk, Simple Plan, Evanescence, Cascada, Ricky Martin, Sacha Sacket, and Andrew Lloyd Weber among his favorite artists. And no, you can't have his underwear.

"Queer Melodies with Merric"


Merric hosts "Queer Melodies with Merric" on GKOL. Expect an eclectic mix of tunes, fronted by punk and techno, as well as a smattering of showtunes, pop, and soft rock. Merric also loves playing requests, although he doesn't have much along the lines of heavy metal, rap, or country. Merric has also loves getting to talk with his listeners and has been known to sing karaoke-style as well as give dramatic poetry readings on air.

Merric also used to co-host "Tickle Me Tuesdays" with fellow DJ Tatsuya on Tuesday evenings. Through the magical marvels of Skype and having a desktop and a laptop, these two hosts were able to combine powers to bring you twice the witty banter, twice the games, and twice the fun! The music is the same eclectic mix Merric is known for, but with an extra twist of Tatsuya for some Tickle Me fun!

Requests and Donations

Merric and Calatan

Merric loves playing your requests and asks that you send them as often as possible! Please PMs or kmail him first to see if he has the song. If he doesn't have the song or can't download it, feel free to email it to him at, but be sure to let him know in-game that you sent something since he doesn't usually check his email during shows.

Merric has meat pastes and meat stacks available for purchase in his store if you'd like to make a donation to go towards his games, and also has a prize multi named Mmm Erik (#1296776) who is happy to take donations. Again, be sure to let Merric know if you send something to his multi, since he doesn't always pay attention to him during shows.