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Those of us here at GKOL provide our services, our time, and our games for free to bring you the optimal listening and gaming experience.

However, running GKOL is not free, and there are plenty of price tags attached to it - from the space our website is hosted on, to the Shoutcast server, to the rights for our domain name. You can help us defray costs by donating to the GKOL Credit Union, either with a one-time donation or by signing up for a monthly donation.

October 2007 Activity
We apologize, but due to real life we were unable to create PDFs for November and December, and PayPal (aside from being impossible to read their history pages) doesn't track back that far anymore. Here are the 2008 summaries:
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Radio GKOL Bot

The DJs of GKOL would love your donations in the form of meat or items that we could use in our games. Feel free to contact a specific DJ to find out ways you can donate to their show, or you can send something to our GKOL Bot, aptly named "GKOL" (#985203).

Each DJ also has individual ways to accept donations, so be sure to visit their individual DJ pages in order to support their shows.

Also, a huge thanks to Light_ninja from EroticoBottico for his constant support and belief in the station. His help has been vital to the station in the past.

DC Collections!

Another way you can also support our DJs is by sending them items for their Display Case collections. Here's a list of what some of our DJs collect: