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All About Him

Blitsnik's Avatar

Blitsnik is a pretty easy going guy who loves music and the outdoors. He plays bass and drums, so he does know a good bit about music. Most of the time you'll find his nose in a book more so than anywhere else. Blitsnik loves to read and write, and is hoping he gets published someday.

"Blitsnik's Beat Blitz"

Blitsnik's Avatar

Blitsnik's show is going to mainly be music at the beginning and lots of fast games to go along with the "blitz" aspect. Expect a lot of 1v0's, though he'll also hold ARs and play other games whenever possible. In the future, expect bigger games as meat funds become available.

Requests and Donations

Blitsnik will take requests, though if he doesn't have the song it will take a few minutes to a) listen to the song and see what it sounds like (gonna try to keep it PG) and b) to record it. Donations will be well accepted through his mall; please don't send meat in a package because Blitsnik can't access it through HC. He'll also ask the people who donate if they care if their name is known and then announce it (on air of course) to thank them.