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Cerulean Archer

All About Her

Cerulean's Avatar

Cerulean Archer is a person that was originally an old gamer, but got bored with having nothing to do with the game as there was no sorceress to beat back then. Her oldest character, TheVelveteenArcher, is definitely a 6 digit, but is still not as cool as her original. But here and now. Cerulean (or Ceru as commonly known by the masses) is a girl from western NY near the legendary Niagara Falls. She graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a degree in English and another in Art, so of course she proceed to find a job as an insurance agent for GEICO. Ceru loves epic/power/speed metal, Geocaching, bubbles, playing Guitar Hero, fishies, Penguins, Zelda, Skies of Arcadia, Slinkies, hiking, sunshine, reading, and KoL. She also has ADHD so her conversations and ideas can get rather interesting.

"A Shot in the Dark"

Cerulean's Avatar

Cerulean Archer hosts "A Shot in the Dark" on GKOL. Eager, ready, and willing to please: Ceru delivers an exciting new way to send your body a tremble with throbbing joy and pleasure for all of the senses. And muffins. She brings you a chance to relive your childhood with Queen and Bon Jovi, and open your senses to a new world of power, nerd, and a way to really feel your warrior blood flow with the music of Dragonforce, Sonata Arctica, and Nocturnal Rites. There is of course openings for requests, but it will really depend on the kind of mood she is in at the time, whether it will be a Journey Show, or maybe the entire Metal Opera of Avantasia. Open yourself to the wonderous embrace of tantalizing feelings Ceru can entice from you, drawing forth a feeling so powerful, so epic, that it can only be on "A Shot in the Dark".

Requests and Donations

Cerulean's Avatar

Requests are always welcome, especially if you include an mp3 in the email at - where else but She can't guarentee they will be played, but never feel scared to ask! She doesn't bite! Well... actually, that's a lie. Donations, as always, are much appreciated. Please kmail them to her multi DjingArcher (unless that character is in HC, then send them to Ceru with Donation in the subject box).