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All About Him

Ch33s3's Avatar

Ch33s3 is a 20-year old College Student from New York City. He's studying to be a doctor, for now, but who knows if that will stick. In addition to playing KoL, he's a competitive gamer, so he's always travelling to tournaments, and you'll have to forgive him if he makes stupid video game references, which will happen... a lot. He also has been to known to say "brb" and "LOL" in real life... so yell at him when he does.

"Just Grate"

Ch33s3's Avatar

Ch33s3 hosts "Just Grate", a wide mix of his favorite music, and yours. He also apologizes for the awful pun. Requests are almost always accepted from most genres, unless they totally clash with the vibe of the show at the time, but if it does, he will get it on for you another time! Ch33s3 generally avoids playing rap, but there are exceptions, and he will probably make one for you if you ask. There's always games being played during the show, and answers or prizes will often be related to the music, so listen hard!

Requests and Donations

Donations are always appreciated! Send them to Ch33s3's prize multi DJCh33s3, and label them a donation. If the prize multi happens to be in ronin or hardcore for some reason, send them to Ch33s3, again, marked as a donation, and he will get them out to the listeners.

Song requests are accepted and appreciated at almost all times. You can view everything he has in his music collection here. If he doesn't have it, he wants it, so send it to Please make sure the song is tagged properly, it's a great help!