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All About Her

NeitherCuddlyNorWuddly's Avatar

NeitherCuddlyNorWuddly is a DJ on GKOL. Cuddly is an about-to-be-18 years old college student who somehow got mixed in with the smart kids - don't worry, this will be righted shortly. She lives in Washington and is fond of meeting KoLers in real life so she can abuse them - affectionately... we think. She's fond of making references that no one understands, rambling for long periods of time, and talking on the phone during showers. Hopefully she manages to stay out of the shower while DJing, but no promises can be made.

"Hiding Bodies In The Ball Pit"

NeitherCuddlyNorWuddly's Avatar

Cuddly hosts "Hiding Bodies In The Ball Pit" on GKOL. During her show, you can expect to hear a ridiculous amount of the Beatles, Rilo Kiley, Jonathan Coulton, They Might Be Giants, and Stephen Lynch. You might also hear some ska when Cuddly is in the trumpety sort of mood. Cuddly likes playing games that make her listeners listen to her inane rambling, and use a lot of semi-colons. She holds a 100% guarantee that you will, at least once a show, listen to her blather on about something or another, but at least her voice is funny enough that you won't mind. She hopes.

Requests and Donations

NeitherCuddlyNorWuddly's Avatar

Cuddly will be more than happy to play your requests if you PM them to her. If she doesn't have them, an email to with the songs attached will insure you get to hear your song.

All donations should be sent to NeitherCuddlyNorWuddly (#999637) and marked as a GKOL donation, otherwise Cuddly will transform into Gollum and hiss "my preciousssss!" while stuffing the goodies in her closet. And no one wants that. Seriously, the closet is pretty full and her throat hurts from the voice.