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Cyris Flare

All About Him

Cyris Flare's Avatar

Oh no, watch out Tokyo! Godzilla... er... Cyris Flare's on the loose? Surely you must be joking? No I'm not, and don't call me Shirley. Cyris is a 28 year old technical phone support representative for an Internet Phone Company. His days are spent telling people that their phones don't work because their Internet Service stinks... seriously, if you have Dial-Up, don't sign-up for VoiP! He loves retreating to Loathing when he gets home, reading whenever possible, playing the Wii and DS if he remembers to set them up, and one of these days he will finish writing his book... you know, the one he started ten years ago.

"Cyris Flare's Realm of Chaos"

Cyris Flare's Avatar

Cyris hosts "Cyris Flare's Realm of Chaos" on GKOL. The Realm of Chaos is chock full of random auditory goodness and chaotic ramblings. Cyris' taste and collection in music ranges from Alternative to Classic Rock, Classical Orchestrations to Video Game Soundtracks, and anywhere in between. There's no telling what you'll hear if you pass by his speakers! Ask him to play a Smashing Pumpkins song, and you will earn an automatic /friend! Also, introducing him to music that he's never listened to is a great idea - he'll love it! Please do so! Otherwise, if you think of it, he most likely will play it for you. Or maybe he's already playing it, and he's inside your mind...

Requests and Donations

Cyris Flare's Avatar

Please send requests in K-Mail format to Cyris Flare (#1001228). If he has it, he will gladly play it for you as soon as there's space. If he doesn't have it, he will find it, this he swears. Once he does, he will play it even if he has to make room on a future show for it. If you have the song and want to send it to him, feel free. PM him to warn him that it's coming, then send it to

Please send Donations via K-mail to Cyris Flare (#1001228) as well. However, make sure (double-check your double-checking) that you include somewhere in the message that this is a GKOL donation. If you do not include that somewhere in the message, it will be considered a Gift and used accordingly. He loves and appreciates any donations, however, he collects Plot Holes so they hold a special place in his heart.