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Demyx the Dancer

All About Her

Demyx's Avatar

Demyx the Dancer is a GKOL DJ, a Disney elemental, and an all-purpose nerd girl. She recently recieved a degree in computer science and engineering from the robot hell that is MIT. She currently works in a cube and spends much of her free time playing video games and aimlessly wandering around. Demyx's blood and brain run thick with coffee and the Internets, and her soul has long belonged to the Disney corporation. She spends a lot of time in the /games channel of KoL, occasionally running trivia and handing out awards to all who confuse her. Her musical tastes range from the cheerful to the painfully, annoyingly, embarrasingly cheerful, but she promises to tone it down for her GKOL show, or else the faithful listeners may die from sugar overdose.

"Care Bear Staredown"

Demyx hosts "Care Bear Staredown" on GKOL. Demyx's show consists of whatever happiness she has in her playlist at the moment. Her speciality is her wide assortment of esoteric Disney soundtracks, but she hopes to play all sorts of awesomesauce. Demyx is especially fond of video game music, 80's pop, alternative rock, new wave, electronic music, nostalgic kid's stuff, and whatever random crap she finds on the Internet. She will happily play whatever requests you have, as long as it's not country or something horribly slow and depressing. Demyx loves to run trivia and creative writing contests.

Requests and Donations

Demyx would love to play requests for you! Send her an MP3 file at, and if it's not something she absolutely can't stand, she'll play it for you. You can also request songs through PM or Kmail, but if it doesn't fit into one of the categories listed above, she probably won't have it.

Demyx's main account (Demyx the Dancer) is in and out of ronin, so if you'd like to make a donation for a game, please send it to the account "Demyx". All things acquired by the Demyx account will be used for GKOL games. She also love feedback and random comments, which of course can be sent to either account.