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Erebus Carthis

All About Him

Erebus's Avatar

Erebus is a twenty-year-old living in the mystical land of Ontario, Canada. Hobbies for him include tabletop games (think D&D, but other kinds too!), being on KoL hosting Shuffle Trivia( or making a fool of himself), going out for long walks for no other reason than to walk (yeah, get that), and parenthetical statements. /games is the natural habitat of the wild Erebus Carthis, but if you ever spot one in that real-life place, he doesn't scare easily, so approach at your leisure. Just be careful, he nerds out. Sorry ladies, he's happily taken.

"The Night Shift"

Erebus's Avatar

The Night Shift is Erebus' show of pure awesome. Here you can expect some rock, some punk, and maybe a little metal or comedy, as far as music is concerned. Aside from that Erebus tends to be a talker, so ramblings, rants, and bad singing is common. DISCLAIMER: Almost anything can happen on the Night Shift, so headphones on and kiddies three houses away, just to be safe from the fallout. This show may not be safe for work, home, or reality.

Requests and Donations

Please! Make all donations straight to Erebus Carthis himself (#2043271) and rest assured a good 90% of everything he has gets cycled back into /games anyways, if not more, so more donations just means more and better games. If he's in Hardcore or Ronin, he'll list a multi for donations and games in his profile.

As for requests, blue message him with song and artist. If he likes it, he'll play it. You may have to send it to him via e-mail or IM, though. He can be found at or ampzaphrix on Skype.