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All About Her


Eristastic likes ponies, kitties, bunnies, lolanything, the law, Chicago, soccer, British TV, baked goods, RPGs, pirates, monkeys, pasta, cheese, expensive carpeting, five tons of flax, the smell of old books and buildings, her local public library, her teeth, and half a dozen people named 'James'. She's nearly thirty, owns a library of video games, a bastard of a cat named Frank, and her weight in coffee. She also loves lists. Go figure.

"Pony Macro"


Eristastic hosts "Pony Macro" on GKOL. Pony Macro is a collection of techy, geeky music, an awful lot which you've probably never heard before. There's plenty of underground music - hip hop aplenty, local midwestern bands, Chicago groups, and friends of the goddess. There's also plenty of mashups and filk - and more wizard rock than you can shake a stick at. And of course, more than a splash of 'net published folk. There will also be a little Broadway and some spoken-word goodness - sometimes read by your humble hostess, sometimes read by the author, sometimes just read aloud. Games on Pony Macro lean towards the creative - so come ready to think if you want to win!

Requests and Donations


Requests always welcome, especially for free, CC, or otherwise open licensed music. Send links or files to - I reserve the right to hold a file if I have no idea what it contains. Please send donations on to my prize multi, knitmeapony.