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All About Him

Frankenchrist's Tattoo

Frankenchrist is a DJ on GKOL. The story of Frankenchrist is a long, convoluted and entirely false one that starts many years ago in Colorado and somehow ends in Oregon. Born to parents that were rather nice at times, he grew up and decided that being nice is rather nice. He then set about to try and do well for himself and others until one day he happened upon a corpse lying the street. Realizing that he must do something to help this poor dead soul, Franken dragged the body home and began a series of disturbing experiments to revive it. After many years of trial and error (and random police raids due to the odor) he was successful in his endeavors and gave life to the deceased.

Happy that he finally had a new friend, Franken took his newly animated buddy to the local ice-cream shop for a malt. However, upon arrival, many of the other customers began throwing things at them and screaming about some monstrosity or something. This seemed to anger Franken's new friend to the degree that he killed Frankenchrist in a rather bloody way. Franken's remains were buried. Oddly enough three days later, Franken was found meandering about town gnawing on his friends. This behavior continues to this day. Franken also seems to die in chat rather often only to rise again later.

Having seen many die in various chupa games, Franken is sensitive to the newly departed and is fond of zombifying them. In addition to various zombie behaviours, Franken enjoys running games that require creativity. Often times the entries to such games are amusing and many can be found on his games site - not all entries are PG-13. There is also a list of mallbots posted there because mallbots are Franken's natural enemy and cause him to cry...

"The Frankenshow"

Frankenchrist's Avatar

Frankenchrist hosts "The Frankenshow" on GKOL, his excellently named show which features games and music that may well lead you to question his sanity. This is normal and rest assured that Franken is indeed without sanity whatsoever. However, Franken will play just about anything that strikes his fancy at the time, from hardcore old punk to some nice mellow reggae.

Requests and Donations

Franken accepts all requests and will try to play whatever you may desire but needs most things sent to him at and will do his best to play it during the show. Sometimes the downloading makes it hard to get the song and play it during the show, so he apologizes now if he fails to get something played right away and assures you he will attempt to do so during his next show... Please take into consideration that Frankenchrist is a zombie and thus rather slow.