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All About Him

GuardianOfFreyja's Avatar

GuardianOfFreyja is a 20 year old student studying at Georgia Southern University in sunny Stateboro, Georgia. Being in college, he refuses to take himself too seriously, because if he did so he would go crazy. His tastes in music focus heavily on Classic Rock, though he also listens to some of everything except rap and hip-hop. Once he found /c games, he was addicted. The only time his chat channel changes is for him to go laugh at the insanity of /c trade when new and possibly limited items are released. He plays as many games as he can with most of his winnings going straight back into /c games. He has found himself quite a few friends of the female persuasion, and some of the male persuasion too, but he doesn't talk about them too much. Many of the friends of both persuasions tend to confuse his gender, but he is most certainly male.

"A Conspicuous Lack of Sanity"

GuardianOfFreyja's Avatar

GuardianOfFreyja hosts "A Conspicuous Lack of Sanity" on GKOL, and his shows is just that - lacking in sanity. He plays mostly Classic Rock, but may play just about anything, including country, modern, and comedy. Most requests will be accepted, with the exception of rap and hip hop. Sometimes he will play somthing completely off the wall, so don't let your guard down. He likes trivia, but will host just about any type of game, including games that involve listening to music, such as playing songs with a theme and making the listeners guess the theme.

Requests and Donations

GuardianOfFreyja's Avatar

Requests are received through KMail or PM, though GuardianOfFreyja may ask you to send missing files he can't find to Donations will be accepted by his prize multi named SansSanity.