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All About Him

Gerkuman is a young, not very svelte, British out of work games designer. He loves both listening to music and listening to himself talk, which gives him at least the basic qualifications for a DJ position. He is also an active /games hoster and spends most of his free time lounging around and asking obscure trivia questions. His other loves are video games, cooking and fussing over his pet cat.

"Gerkuman's BLT Radio Show"


Whether you're waking up in the US, Canada and Latin America, taking a break from work in the UK and Europe or kicking off your shoes after a long day in the Pacific; Gerkuman's BLT is here for you! GKOL's first, and possibly only Current Affairs radio show is here with a mix of great music, games, anti-trivia and news from across the globe. Broadcasting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

If something interesting is happening in your area, give us a buzz so we can talk about it. If you want to have your say about any of our news stories, please send us a Kmail! Friday is an all-request day, so be sure to send your requests in through the week so we can locate them all in time.

Requests and Donations

Send requests via Kmails to Gerkuman, and he'll find them for Friday's all request show. He may play a requested song if it has something to do with the news story in question, but only if it's apt and won't upset anyone.

Please donate to Gerkuman's multi, DJ Gerkubot, not him. Any donations are helpful and 100% will go towards prizes for games!