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All About Him

JanvierBellefeuille's Avatar

"That German Guy" showed up on KoL just a few months ago, armed with a name that only few people were able to pronounce or even write and a dry sense of humour some people just failed to understand. After a while of playing and getting used to the game he found /games... and then... well.. Stumbling into /games blindly and unknowingly caused a huge ruckus and in the end a fierce, bloodthirsty mob hounded him away with murder in their eyes. No, wait.. that was another time and another place. Sorry about that.

So.. JanvierBellefeuille, right? Who is that guy with strange taste in names? Rumor has it that he is a student as well, but that might turn out to be false, too. Known facts about the guy are rare; what we DO know is that he tends to lock himself away with a good book every once in a while. Whenever that happens we hear strange noises coming from his room, a lot of howling and similarly eerie stuff, you see? We didn't quite dare to investigate. Also he is into anime. We don't know why, must be some bad influence. I mean... he doesn't even speak Japanese, what's the point in watching Japanese cartoons and listening to Japanese music? Once he even dressed up like some weird, pink haired freak! Imagine that... or... better, don't. Fortunately that Japanese stuff isn't all that emits from his speakers, the overall mixture of music is actually quite decent. From classic to pop or rock... everything. No rap though, that guy seems to dislike them gangstaz. Yo, man.

"Janvier's Delightfully Evil Review on Modern Society"

JanvierBellefeuille hosts "Janvier's Delightfully Evil Review on Modern Society" on GKOL. First of all, he seems to like Trivia. Lots of trivia which is mainly "Google-proof" and full of evilness. Apart from that lots of games are fine as long as the participants get to think and/or be creative, so "First pm gets meat" things will happen much less frequently. The music you will hear will basically be random stuff. Expect some music you won't understand at all since it's... well... all Japanese. Scary? Maybe; still enjoyable though.

Requests and Donations

Requests are generally welcome, feel free to Kmail any of those to MisterJ (#1388498). Please note that Janvier probably won't have whatever you request unless it's pretty common, part of his collection by chance, or was played before. In that case you will either have to wait for the next show (He will download and play it if he is able to find it somewhere) or Email the song to Of course you can also send requests directly by Email and skip the Kmail part.

Donations are even more welcome since they are what keeps the games running. Please send any of those to MisterJ (#1388498) as well and never to JanvierBellefeuille himself. He'd probably just eat the donation without even opening the package it is in. Yes, he is usually in HC.