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Jest Phulin

All About Him

Jest's Avatar

Jest Phulin is a 40-year old kid. Seriously, he doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up. Maybe he'll figure that out one day. Until then, he hangs out with people who have the same off-beat sense of humor he does. Which means he spends a lot of time in the Kingdom. Most people seem to take life too seriously for Jest. But there is humor all around, if one just pauses to look. The trick is to look and see what is there, not what one expects to be there. The more one knows how parts of the world relate, the more humor can be seen. Jest thinks another citizen of the Kingdom said it best at a con he attended: "If I were a ruler in the middle ages, I'd totally have a jester as a court adviser. They see the world differently." Jest plans to share his observations.

"Phulin Around"

Jest's Avatar

As the name implies, there will seldom be a strong structure to the show. It will be playing stuff Jest likes (which ranges from medieval chants to modern punk, although it tends to stay in the classic rock area) and bringing up tidbits about music and current events to the listeners. Of course, if the listeners demand more poetry reading, he can pull up some of that too. Now, that isn't to say that shows will not ever be themed. With a large enough library, almost any word can lend a theme to a show. The world is connected to itself, it's just up to people to see the connections.

Requests and Donations

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Copies of songs to be played can be sent to Jest expects that the person sending the song has full rights to a personal copy of the song. Jest will not distribute songs he receives to be played, and if requested, will immediately delete them after playing. Jest works in the computerized area, and dislikes the concept of easy distribution of material. The artist deserves to be paid for their work. That said, if a person has a legal copy of a song, and wants to have others listen to it, there is no difference to Jest with them playing it on their system for friends in the same room, and him playing it on the radio. As long as there can only be one copy of it playing at a time, and the owner is a listener.

Donations for the show CAN NOT be sent to Jest Phulin. He is in hardcore most of the time, and will not be able to redistribute them. They can be sent to his DJ multi, DJ_Jest (#2223655).