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All About Her


Her name's Krymzin, and if you don't know her, you should! In fact, if you are reading this, go ahead and kmail her (#2467167) for a little gifty-poo :D She's a fun, active girl with a silver tongue and a love for animals. It's not often you'll get through a show without hearing a rooster, if not a few ducks. She loves to cook, and random recipes are one of the things she keeps in her head, even if everything else is forgotten.

"Krymzin Heart"

Nightmare Moon

Her shows will consist of trash-pop, k-pop, screamo, grunge, metal, alternative, emo and acoustic covers of whatever she can get her grubby little hands on. Don't let her taste scare you off though, she'll listen or download anything to incorporate it into her next show. Listener participation is really valued, so by kmailing her, you can get the genre changed at any time. ARs will be held nearly constantly, or she'll be sending out mass coffin packages whenever she can. Music trivia and various other things could also be introduced whenever the mood strikes her. If you see ~OvO~ there's probably something going on that can get you some shit.

Requests and Donations


Requests can be done in game, just try to limit it to PM. If you have a particular album/band/song in mind, send a kmail with what you'd like to hear next time! Donations should be tagged as such, so she can allot the funds as far as she can. Emails are always appreciated. Make sure to include your in game name so she can appreciate you back. Or, if you just want to conversation, she's nearly always available at