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All About Him

LuxNecronis's Avatar

Not much can be said for this touch of insanity out of the back woods of central Maine. He lives, he laughs (usually while tying nooses or baking pies), he loves (to warp people's minds). He collects weapons like some people collect stamps, and he can identify wood by touching it. Yep. It's wood. His pride and joy is his music archive, which he spends a lot of time trying to comb for redundant files thanks to many friends donating their collections to him. He enjoys writing, reading, tinkering with computers, and a less-than-subtle facination with the occult, though he balances it nicely with a love for cats and a penchant for always knowing exactly what someone is thinking about.

"Friday Block Party"

LuxNecronis's Avatar

LuxNecronis' regularly scheduled show is the "Friday Block Party". Every week, between eight and fifteen topics are chosen. Sometimes at random, sometimes related, each block contains between four and twelve songs dedicated to the topic. With tastes ranging from classical to nu-metal, if you don't like what you're listening to... wait a while. Something will come up.

There is another show, however. Thanks to an ecclectic schedule and a slight masochistic streak, LuxNecronis also hosts "Tuneage of Randomness". Keep tuning in - random music might just be playing. No artists will be repeated during any single show, and it will be fully open to requests.

Requests and Donations

LuxNecronis's Avatar

The "Friday Block Party" is difficult by its nature to offer requests, but if you can think of a track to add to a block then it will be added. For "Tuneage of Randomness", so long as the performing artist hasn't been played yet it will find its way into the show. Send an email or an IM to, or Kmail/PM LuxNecronis on Kingdom of Loathing chat.

Donations may be sent to NoxNecronis, LuxNecronis' softcore multi, for the prize pool.