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All About Him


Commandermack is a pretty old KoLer back from the pre-ascension era. He is an 18 year old male from Florida, so on occasion, you may just hear a southern accent bust out. Commandermack spends the majority of his time on KoL in /c Games, where he hosts games and helps people with their Display Case collections.

"The Mack-Out Session"


Commandermack hosts "The Mack-Out Session" on GKOL. When listening to The Mack-Out Session, you can generally expect to hear R&B, Rock, and Punk. The Mack-Out Session does take requests, though, so there is always the chance you might listen to just about anything.

Requests and Donations

If you are going to send donations to the show, send them to "DJ Mack"... Notice the cleaverly placed space. Anything sent to Commandermack will probably be given away in off-air games. Also, all requests can be directed to