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All About Him

Minigates's Avatar

Minigates is one of our new DJs on GKOL. In real life, MiniGates goes to school and in the summer works at a summer camp. He also is an IT guy. He just got his Mac and ist still a little newbish with it, but it is getting there. He lives in MA on the Arm (if you do not understand, look at a map). MiniGates plays KoL all the time. He is also a clan hopper, so whitelist him.

"Games with Gates"

Minigates hosts a show called "Games with Gates" on GKOL. This is about 1-2 hour show with rock and rockin' games, such as trivia and "What's in my Pencil Box?"

Requests and Donations

Send requests to or you can Kmail him for either requests or donations.