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All About Her

Moongoyal's Avatar

If you ask Lune (Moongoyal / Stargoyal / MoonGKOL in KOL) her age she will likely tell you that she is somewhere between 15 and 50; because some-days she feels one way and some days quite-t'other. In reality she is in her late 20's and currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand. She graduated college several years ago with a BFA which she rarely uses. Now, she is a school teacher and can often be seen around /games hosting a variety of word games and other JFF (just for fun) entertainment. She likes designing board and card games and will often try out new things that she is in the process of creating in the KOL /Games room. Moon currently hosts shows of 3 different styles.

"Midnight Coffee"

Lune’s "Midnight Coffee" has a wide variety of tastes. She prefers music for its lyrical context and symphonic value. Tune in and enjoy a complex potpourri of Goth, Symphonic Metal, Indi, Alternative, Dream-pop, Angry Girl, Trance, Techno, Soft Rock, Medieval Waltz, and International Music, as well as Soundtracks. She will often find things in many genres whose lyrics make them similar. Expect strange things to happen on "Midnight Coffee"; beyond the music, expect some unusual games. For the most part Midnight Coffee is safe for work, but use your discretion.

"Moon's Book Club"

Moongoyal's Avatar

"Moon's Book Club" is a weekly show featuring audio books and radio dramas. The featured book is usually chosen by listeners and then parts are broadcast each week until the whole book has been listened to. This is done in true book club style, with discussions at chosen intervals throughout the work. There are often GKOL listener exclusive give-aways related to the book / Radio Drama as well.

"Confused Polyglot"

"Confused Polyglot" is Moongoyal's weekend humor show. It's chocked full of parody music on a variety of subjects. It is usually theme or 'tribute to...' based, utilizing many suggestions that are gathered throughout the week from listeners. Confused Polyglot is Not Safe for Work, young ears, or the easily offended. Lune may also occasionally have some guest appearances, live game shows, as well as random language lessons, among other things.

Requests and Donations

Moongoyal's Avatar

MoonGKOL will take requests as she sees fit. Though she is always open to them, she cannot usually download during a show, so it is best to send music (.mp3 only) between shows. Look for her in chat or email to Moongoyal @ gmail(dot)com. Make sure to write your KOL user name in the request and mark it GKOL in the subject line. PM her to know it has been sent, as she does not check that email very often.

Donations are always accepted. Please send all donations to MoonGKOL, which is Moongoyal's DJ/Prize Multi. Please mention that it is a "GKOL DONATION" within the Kmail to avoid confusion.