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All About Him

Mordengaard's Avatar

Mordengaard is a sometimes-DJ on GKOL. Mordengaard, Evil Lord of Darkness, fancies himself to be a massive four-armed demon, but the truth is he's simply a 30-something metalhead from the South West of England. Married with three children, he spends his summer weekends as a historical re-enactor, and most evenings spending time with his family.

"Mordengaard's Meat Marathon"

Mordengaard hosts "Mordengaard's Meat Marathon" on GKOL (sometimes, and at random hours). Guaranteed to wake you up, no matter what time zone you're in, expect hours of music, games, and interactive chat. Generally featuring the very best in metal, rock, and modern rock-punk-metal (but never, ever, any R.E.M.), you might also encounter an eclectic mix of alternative music.

Requests and Donations

Requests (by kmail or forum PM) and donations gleefully accepted.