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All About Him

Numerrik's Avatar

Numerrik is a DJ on GKOL. This local Yokel doesn't tell very kind jokels, but he sure can host a great radio show. Numerrik was born and raised way back when in the last century and quite frankly his tastes have stayed there, even though his name isn't Frank nor does he resemble Frank. He's currently a poor college kid with all the Nintendo systems and several Sega ones. And one PS2. No X-boxen because they are t3h evil. He takes after Skully just a little with his love of paddling the ladies. He has two dos and a small house in Texas.

"Several Dozen Minutes with Numerrik"

Numerrik hosts "Several Dozen Minutes with Numerrik" on GKOL. His show is a collection of Country, TV, and Rock Music. There's a load of local music (when Numerrik can find any) and occasionally some hip hop, especially if it is Big Tuck or PPT. There is also the Ladies of Filk with Carla Ulbrich (it's a German name) and Leslie Fish songs from various CDs. Games will be your run of the mill stuff with the occasional change or new game. Most games will be multi friendly but Numerrik reminds you to send him a Kmail with your name and all your Multi names so he doesn't end up making someone running multiple accounts both chupa and villager. However, more chances to win means less prize meats, but item prizes will stay the same.

Requests and Donations

Due to a small music collection, Numerrik asks you send all requests via email along with an MP3 copy of the song. The email will be checked 3 times per show and daily outside of the show. The email is currently until a Gmail account is created.

Donations will only be accepted to the DJnameless account. Any donations sent to Harvor or (god forbid) Numerrik will be treated as gifts to him, not as donations to games.