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All About Her

Oracle of Dream's Avatar

Oracle of Dreams is a DJ on GKOL. She's 22 years old, and she's a HUGE fan of the Dresden Dolls and the Punk Cabaret scene, so there is always a Dresden Dolls song playing at least once in her show.

"In the Land of Nowhere with OracleofDreams"

Oracle hosts "In the Land of Nowhere with OracleofDreams" on GKOL. She mainly plays Classic Rock like Led Zepplin, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, Neil Diamond, Santana (anything and almost everything played on the Classic Rock stations on the radio). She also plays some 80's metal music for those who ask.

Requests and Donations

Oracle also takes requests, and it doesn't matter what time period it's from, she WILL play it. You can email requests to her at gkoldjoracle @ gmail(dot)com.

She runs games that are mainly trivia (you have to think to win her games), and will accept donations sent to OracleofDreams.