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Phantom Catsup Lord

All About Him

PCL's Avatar

The Phantom Catsup Lord (henceforth "PCL") is an entity residing in the Kingdom of Loathing universe (henceforth "game") and is bound by the actions, arguments, analysis, agreements, and atrocities therein (aedificatum solo, solo cedit). The one who controls the actions of PCL (le quidam, henceforth "Morton Hurley") works at all hours of the day and early evening (but never at dusk) at the Technology Transfer Office of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Johnson Space Center (henceforth NASA-JSC). Morton Hurley has been employed by NASA-JSC for six years and it's been true love ever since (his date of hire was February 14). Prior to the creation of PCL within game, Morton Hurley spent an exorbitant amount of time playing Baldur's Gate II, WarCraft III, and even StarCraft. Morton Hurley wishes to remind GKOL listeners that drafting contracts (especially ones involving aleatory terms) is tricky business and should not be attempted by anyone but a professional. Make the slightest misstep and the next thing you know, you could have the Disney team all over your back for stealing their Minnie (dormiunt aliquando leges, nunquam moriuntur).

"A 1978 Volvo Station Wagon"

PCL's Avatar

PCL hosts "A 1978 Volvo Station Wagon" on GKOL and shall serve his term playing music from a variety of genres. As of this writing, Morton Hurley's computer holds 32 days worth of music. A majority of this music could be classified as "rock" by modern standards. But wait... there's more! Probably several days worth of Bollywood songs, electronic (both modern and classic), disco, classic Middle Eastern artists, klezmer, ambient, and the odd Asian melodies.

Requests and Donations

PCL's Avatar

Requests are encouraged! If the PCL PC does not have your request, he will do his best to find it or advise you where to email your MP3 file. Please send requests in K-Mail format to the Phantom Catsup Lord (#1322753). Please be so kind as to PM the PCL about your request... kind of like a "heads-up" measure.

Please send donations via K-mail to the Phantom Catsup Lord (#1322753) as well. Be sure to note that your donations is counted by typing "GKOL Donation" somewhere in the body. Trivia: the PCL collects Booze.