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All About Him

Pieguy's Avatar

Pieguy259 is a DJ on GKOL, and is also known as "The Thunder From Down Under" and "Hey You With The Face". He is a young man hailing from the beautiful pollution-choked water-starved city of Sydney, Australia. He likes pink grapefruit mineral water and long walks on the beach, and his turn-offs are stupid people and heavy metal. And sorry, ladies - he's taken.

"The Determinedly Cheerful Hour"

Pieguy hosts "The Determinedly Cheerful Hour" on GKOL. Listeners can expect a variety of zany segments including but not limited to Rant of the Week, Redundo News Updates, and Special Guest Interviews, as well as whatever music he feels like playing at any given moment. This does not include hip-hop or heavy metal, with the exception of any done by Weird Al, whom he adores.

Requests and Donations

Donations can be sent to Pieguy's prize multi, DJPieguy259 (#1313112). If you ask really, really nicely, he MIGHT check out a request, provided it is not hip-hop, heavy metal or any one of the other styles he decides he doesn't like at that time.