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All About Her


G'day, mates! PrinecssAvariella is your DJ from downunder! She is in her late 20's and has been temporarily relocated to the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area of the US. Originally hailing from Coogee Beach in New South Wales, Australia, the princess loves cricket, meat pies, and TimTams, and especially loves Vegemite. In her spare time she enjoys hang gliding, skydiving, surfing, writing children's fantasy books and hysterical plays. Whilst here in the states she's moonlighting as a theatre critic. Her favourite color is still periwinkle and her three favorite TV doctors are no longer McDreamy, House and Hawkeye. It's now McDreamy, McSteamy and The Doctor (Matt Smith style). She loves Broadway musicals of all sorts and escapes frequently to them up in NYC. Give her a call if you're ever up there when she is!

Chat her up about anything and everything she loves to talk and if you're in the area or the driveably close range, she'd love to hang out - just shoot her a message and get to know her. ^_^ Beer, high tea, generally cruising around, hanging out and doing fun stuff are all on the agenda.

"Kissin' Frogs & Takin' Names"


The Australian Thunder from Down Under - the femme fatal - the host of a show that's approaching its fourth solid year running - Kissin' Frogs & Takin' Names is at least 4 solid hours of musical awesomeness! (Now available twice a week!) Appearing on your radio waves every Tuesday and Wednesday night at around 10:00pmish EST*, the shows will often feature a theme - definitely have a crazy contest to win an awesome prize, tons of ARs and some trivia every now and again. Masterpiece Theatre is a big segment midway through the show where a crazy contest is often announced and musical numbers from the theatrical world fixed with the show's theme will be featured. The Princess is a fan of all sorts of music and will play just about anything, from the bizarre to the chart toppers, and the oldies to the underground, and then some. The show rolls until the wee hours of the next morning and requests are accepted throughout the show. A splendid time will be guaranteed for all. Ribbit. (*occasionally shows will start later depending on the theatre shows required of her moonlighting critic job- always check the blog for the latest updates!)

Requests and Donations


All requests coming in are best received if Kmailed to PrincessAvariella(#1120160) (as little blue messages tend to get gobbled up by the scrolling-chat monster- OM-NOM-NOM). In the even that the princess does not possess the mp3 to your request- and you do happen to possess said mp3- simply email it as an attachment to

Donations, as always, are greatly appreciated and they help keep Radio GKOL alive and well funded. They certainly keep the many ARs, contests, and other fun games during Kissin' Frogs & Takin' Names up and running. All donations can be sent directly to PrincessAvariella (#1120160) as she is a non-ascending player.

Be sure to check the blog for updates about special DJ show events, times, and themes.