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Personal Robot Jesus

All About Him

Personal Robot Jesus

Personal Robot Jesus is a DJ on GKOL. Robot Jesus came to Earth some 20-odd years ago with a mission: to kill all hu-mans. Luckily, due to a mix-up involving Depeche Mode, Brownian Motion, and an everything bagel, he became Personal Robot Jesus, savior of the airwaves. He is known as PRJ by his friends, followers, and love slaves alike. That's right, love slaves. Awww, yeah.

Personal Robot Jesus is 100 stories tall, and can slip through a crack no larger than a quarter. He seduced Cleopatra, and once kidnapped a child over a game of poker. He can bend steel with his bare hands, and commands the respect of animals and men alike with his dulcet voice. Everything you've ever heard about him is true. Everything.

"Aural Stimulation"

Personal Robot Jesus

Personal Robot Jesus hosts "Aural Stimulation" on GKOL. His show is best defined by what you won't hear. If Fred Durst has touched it, he won't play it. Same goes for bad dance-rap, anything defined by the term "rap metal," and odds are your request for Avril Lavigne will result in 10 minutes of ranting. It's not much of a "Top 40" show. It's more of a "these are the bands PRJ is obsessed with this week." Think of it as an education.

PRJ's show "Oral Stimulation" can be viewed by consenting adults of legal age for their country of residence on Pay-Per-View Channel 269 every Thursday night from midnight to 2 a.m.

Requests and Donations

All requests can be sent to, but there's not a 100% guarantee it'll get played. Donations can be sent to Dee Jay Jesus (#1750276) via kmail, with a note stating it's a donation.