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All About Him


RDeLuca is a DJ on , lives in Pennsylvania, and is nineteen years old. He likes to play piano, chess, basketball, improv comedy, and videogames. RDeLuca has hosted a radio show for a couple of months at his college and really enjoyed it so he decided to try his hand at GKOL. Basically he's a giant nerd and dork, but he's awesome anyway.

"Rockin' Your World with RDeLuca"


RDeLuca hosts "Rockin' Your World with RDeLuca" on GKOL. He;s going to play mostly rock from the 90s to today. Expect a lot of music with intervals of awesome contests (announced only on air!) and some talk too! He'll also be throwing in some oldie pop stuff and some comedy stuff too. RDeLuca is just going to be having fun with y'all - he'll be pretty much playing anything other than country music and rap.

Requests and Donations


If you have a request either PM RDeluca with it, or send an email to He'll pretty much play anything that you ask if he can find it (except Rap music). He's open to donations, and will probably only ask for 'em on air once or twice a night.