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rock stAR

All About Her

rock stAR

rock stAR is a returning DJ on GKOL, because she just couldn't stop trying to give you sh!t. She's finding time to DJ between thespians, the current play, homework, a social life, and this annoying thing called high school and the ACTs. She's been playing KoL for more than three years now, and still has to consult the Wiki every now and then. She's currently on the track to becoming a professional actress, but is just being the class clown for now. Also, writing in third person in "About Me" sections is amazing!

"The Untitled Rock Show"

rock stAR

rock stAR hosts "The Untitled Rock Show" on GKOL. It's free, and hey! Good music! She'll play anything she wants, but mostly alternative rock and pop rock. If you request it, she might play it. Poetry contests and trivia contests should also be expected.

Requests and Donations

rock stAR

For any requests, please PM or kmail either rock star. Requests she doesn't have can be e-mailed to, and donations can be sent to DJrock star.