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All About Her

RuncibleSpoon's Avatar

RuncibleSpoon is a snarky 25 year-old dork from the concrete-laden, chaotic land of confusion that is New Jersey, though her accent may say otherwise. She has spent the vast majority of her life in New Jersey, but spent several years in Tennessee and Georgia, and describes herself as "The Sopranos meets Rocky Top" because of it. She was a lunchtime campus radio DJ during some of her college years, and her major changed as often as her socks. She enjoys a wide variety of music, spanning the globe and the genre charts as well. Some of her current favorites include Plumb, Theatre of Tragedy, Ayumi Hamasaki, and Trace Adkins. She is currently a homemaker of sorts due to circumstances beyond her control, and spends her time lurking in /games and /clan under one of the Ronin couches while she chases her cat around her apartment and breaks things in Photoshop or Audacity. Her best asset is her sense of humor, which crackles and pops with incendiary wit, and she has an uncanny ability to put her foot in her mouth as well.

"Caressing Madness with RuncibleSpoon"

Runci hosts a show that could be best described as a musical exploration of an unquiet mind, hence the name "Caressing Madness." Her playlists can cover anything from the mainstream to the totally obscure, and many places in between. Her favorite games to host are trivia, "Win, Lose or Brick," and "It's Your Fault." Expect to hear a lot of music you have either never heard of or have long forgotten, coupled with commentary ripe with sarcasm and witty banter.

Requests and Donations

Requests are taken with pleasure via e-mail at ladyrunciblespoon @ gmail(dot)com, and be sure to attach an MP3 ONLY of the file. AAC and Windows Media Player files make her cry and make her computer asplode. Any requests for songs that contain mass amounts of obscenity or are rap or hip-hop will not be played. (One or two f-bombs are tolerable, something where every other word fits the need to be censored on public radio would not work.)

Donations can be sent to RuncibleSpoon's shiny prize multi, SpazzKitty, when Runci is in Ronin (which is almost all of the time), and she will be more than happy to devise fun ways to share the wealth during her shows. If you have a specific contest in mind for the donation to go towards, please specify that in your message/package.