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All About Her


Sermari is a DJ on GKOL (No, really?!). She's your non-standard, atypical 23 (24 in March '11) year old female. She currently makes her living crunching words and numbers for a mail-order pharmacy, and absolutely loves her job, partly because she gets to rock out all day! She hails from the beautiful inland Northwest, residing with her boyfriend, two kitties, the roomie's punk-ass kitty, and two of her boyfriend's-ex-coworker's-parents (long story, can you tell?!). Music is the greatest passion and driving force in her life, although a few other things also come close. Her favorite pastimes are long drives in random directions while chilling to music (although gas prices have recently put a hindrance on that), chilling out to music in general, playing with her kitties, and of course, nerding out in front of her computer (more often than not lurking in /games chat).

"Sermari's Safari"


Sermari hosts "Sermari's Safari" on GKOL (although jokingly, her boyfriend seems to think it should be titled "hobag with a mic"). She likes to think that her musical tastes are very eclectic, and will rock your $@%&'ing socks off. The only things she generally steers away from are rap, hiphop, country, R&B, and "emo", and she has a few exceptions from every category forementioned. Her library mainly consists of fairly-recent mainstream rock/industrial music, although she also has smatterings of oldies, 80's, 90's, celtic/folk music, techno/trance/ambient, classical, covers/remixes, games/movies/TV soundtracks, and random hilariosities (of course, also including Weird Al's discography, although she will usually only play him upon request). Pretty much anything she considers to have lyrical/musical/amusement value, and some things without. She may do some themed shows, depending on her mood/what she feels like listening to at the time!

Requests and Donations


All requests, please PM (blue message) Sermari (#1254713). If she doesn't have it, she may feel nice and find it for you, or she may ask you to email it to her (and if that's the case, her DJ email will be provided!). If it's a taboo category mentioned above, however, discretion may be used, and she might actually turn you down. Or, just go for a smoke break; whichever!

Donations are unnecessary, but also at the same time very appreciated when they do happen; just send them to Sermari (#1254713), or purchase one of the designated donation items from her store!