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All About Him

Shintenshi's Avatar

Shintenshi is a DJ on GKOL. He was born and raised on the mean streets of New York City (he missed the nice streets by about three blocks). Getting good grades allowed him to move on up (move on up) to the east side, namely Massachusetts, where he attends a Division III college. He's studying English and Film Studies and one day hopes to be a writer to save us all from horrible TV shows and movies (i.e. Gigli and Reality Shows). His home life is nothing special. He gets drunk when appropriate, has bizarre stream of consciousness attacks, and types fanfiction. It's the perfect amalgamation of events. He can also be 'seen' on KoL making remarks of the funny and unfunny types. And finally, Shinitenshi resigns himself as he realizes that his life is ruled by women: his mother, his teachers (oddly enough, he's never had a male teacher ever) and his girlfriend (whom he affectionately calls The Overlord). By the way, Shini's 21, so he can legal drink, plus he's a perfect score on that game show with Maury Povich (or was that A Current Affair). And super-finally, Shini is a Grammar Knight. Those who type leet in chat or do not use words correctly (for example, "you", "people" and "what") will feel his wrath.

"Musings of a ThoughtCriminal"

Shintenshi's Avatar

Shinitenshi hosts "Musings of a ThoughtCriminal" on GKOL. On it, you will hear the streams of consciousness attacks as they should be heard, like Rain Man. He also likes to do trivia and Before and After, which works well for how his mind works. Shini's music is whatever he has at the moment. Most of them are instrumentals but some of them have words. He also is a fan of Old School and has a bunch of songs of the Disco Era. Awesome, right?

Requests and Donations

You can request a song be played by sending Shini an email with the song attached. His email is He'll then save it and play it for you, hopefully within the same show but most definitely the next show. Donations should be sent to Shinitenshi (#580082) in a package marked donation or, when Shini is in Hardcore or Ronin, to Suzumushi (#1079460), also in a package marked donation.