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All About Her


Smidgeridoo hails from the Great Midwest of the United States; Michigan, to be precise, and she is well-aware of her accent. Smashy taught herself to play guitar due to her extreme love for Josh Ritter and may occasionally play a snippet on the air, but might punctuate her rhythmic ineptitude with profanities, so close your ears if you're under 18. She's a graduate student in social work with an oh-so-obvious geeky streak, and is well-known as an inhuman hatebot.

"Too Cool For School With Smashy"

Smashy's Avatar

Smidgeridoo hosts "Too Cool For School With Smashy" on GKOL. Smidgey has utterly amazing taste in just about everything, especially music. Her show is a mixture of punk rock for sissies, alt-folk post-country rock, and ramblings about subjects ranging from T.S. Eliot's epic poem "The Wasteland" all the way up to the girl she saw standing on the street wearing shorts with about the same amount of fabric as a washcloth. Smashy is continually horrified by everything and will provide you with social commentary both acerbic and devastatingly poignant, while running games of wonderment and hipness.

Requests and Donations

Smidgey's Tat

Due to Smashy's exceedingly small attention span and infinite possibility for distraction, she won't be taking requests during shows, however, if a home listener chooses, songs can be emailed to The songs will be listened to by an elite panel of fourteen judges, among them Bea Arthur, an otter, and Smashy's dad, who hates all music except for Gershwin. Songs will then be scored according to an elaborate rubric invented by Austrian monks in the fifteenth century, and once given a score above 1600, will hit the GKOL airwaves.

If you care about sending donations to Smashy, you can be assured that Smashy will pass them on to the ranks of GKOL listeners... after biting them all to make sure they're real gold and not some cheap substitute. Since Smashy is far too lazy to ever contemplate going HC, send the gold to Smidgeridoo (#895493).