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All About Him


Teronsuke is a Northerner who lives in the South, strange as it does sound. At 19 years of age he's got a ways to go still as far as learning the world and figuring out what exactly he wants. Though currently unemployed, he puts in several hours daily to fix this situation, and hopes to have some form of income soon. In his spare time, Teron plays Magic: The Gathering with friends, listens to music, and generally causes mayhem for whoever he's playing any sort of game against. Given a chance, he'd go sky diving provided he was guaranteed to not die from faulty parachutes.

Teronsuke Tonight


Enjoy evening music with Teronsuke, but have no idea what to expect. Hopefully broadcast more than one night a week, though surprises are always fun. Music can range from high speed technos to classic rock, and maybe even some boy bands, as long as you promise not to tell anyone. There will be little to no rap on the show because it grates this DJ's nerves and he hates listening to most all of it. Please don't ask him to sing, as he's quite bad at it, though do feel free to ask for most anything else.

Requests and Donations


Any request will be honored so long as it doesn't fall in the rap category, and all songs will be screened to some extent before playing. Warning of NSFW songs would be nice, as those are likely to be few and far between on the show. You can PM this DJ on his main, Teronsuke (#1526072) if it's on, and if it's not, then you can contact his more-than-likely going-to-be-around DJ account, DJ_Teron (#2287532). Any songs you request that you think he may not have, you may send to Any and all donations are accepted, but please send them to DJ_Teron, as Teronsuke is currently a Hardcore Ascending character.