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Thomas Enigma

All About Him

Thomas Enigma

Ernest Thomas McBryde is more commonly known as Thomas Enigma in /games. Thomas Enigma comes from his middle name as well as a reference to the band which he fronts, "Machine-Type Enigma". He is 21 years old and resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Music is his life, and he's been playing guitar for over five years now. He spends most of his time either on Kingdom of Loathing, playing his acoustic, or filming for a series of videos that he uploads weekly to YouTube based on his everyday life. He enjoys Industrial, 90's Alternative, Soft Rock, New Wave, as well as many other types of music. He is very nice and friendly, and he's been described as a people person with great social skills.

"Mr. Enigma's Musical Delirium"

Thomas Enigma

What you can expect on Thomas Enigma's show other than him giving out prizes? You can expect someone a little less formal, you can expect to laugh. You can expect music of course. Thomas does more feel good/bouncy songs - a radio show can't be all soft and sad. You can expect catchy tunes, and he means just that. Along with everything described in the paragraph above, he has a nice collection of acoustic/live/remixes so if you hear a song you've heard too much in your life time you can still find it enjoyable. He likes being unexpected... in a good way. His shows should have a good number of surprises.

Requests and Donations

Thomas Enigma

Request are always welcome unless otherwise stated on air. If Thomas is doing a theme show, (80's, Acoustic/live, etc...) he would like the request to go with the theme. Donations are always welcome, of course. Please state it's a donation either in the K-mail or PM. That donation alwyas goes fully towards contests.