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All About Him


Veracsflail is a high school student who is absolutely obsessed with technology. However much you love technology, no doubt he loves it more. So don't argue. He has no problem coming up with some sort of joke for any situation (even when completely unwanted), which is why he loves improv club at his school. Speaking of this school it's tough. Just don't get him started on a rant about it, and you should be good. That's about all he could possibly think of while writing this, and hopes you won't judge him based off that.

"Flailing in the Dark"


Veracsflail hosts "Flailing in the Dark" on GKOL. Flailing in the Dark is named for two reasons. First, the DJ's name is VeracsFLAIL, and second, he's broadcasting in the dark (sometimes). On the show you can expect a lot of electronica, rock, and that miscellaneous brand that no one is sure where the music fits in. With games scattered throughout, and plenty of prizes to be given, it's sure to be fun. However, if Flail goes on talking longer then you'd like in a game, LET HIM KNOW. He'll remedy the problem with a little music.



If you'd like to send a donation, please feel free to send it to "Marshmellow of Hell" (#1535071) with a little message saying it's for prizes. Anything received will be used in a game eventually, even useless powder. So if you can spare something, please do. As for song requests, feel free to send a message to with the song title and the band. If at all possible attach a GOOD QUALITY recording of the song in MP3 format. It makes life so much easier. Veracsflail cannot guarantee every request will be played on a show, but an effort will be put to try.