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All About Her

WeyrwomanAnna's Avatar

WeyrwomanAnna is 16, lives in CT, and loves Animal (from The Muppets). She lives on a nursery, so she loves the outdoors. With her dad's side of the family all living right next to each other, they have a combined 21 acres of land, 3 cats, 3 dogs, 4 and a half horses (the half is a miniature), 2 birds, and 5 fish. So she likes animals. WeyrwomanAnna is fixiated (probably to the detriment of her sanity) on Dragon Riders of Pern, an Anne McCaffrey series about another planet, Pern, and the giant, yet gentle, dragons and their chosen riders.

"Anna's Asylum"

WeyrwomanAnna and ShawdowFox

WeyrwomanAnna hosts "Anna's Asylum" on GKOL. She plays country, pop, rock, jpop, and requests. She likes talking (and babbling) and being weird.