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All About Him


Zuraster is 35 years old and lives in fabulous Las Vegas, NV. When he's not working customer service for a credit card company or geeking out on the internet, he's spending time with his wife and son. He enjoys cooking (and makes various wicked cream sauces when he does so), Texas Hold-Em, role-playing games (D&D, Pathfinder, and Vampire: the Masquerade), playing around with Photoshop, writing poetry, and painting. He's also currently (and likely will be for some time to come) writing lyrics for an opera his wife and a friend of theirs have storyboarded.

Zuraster's Disaster

Zuraster is of the opinion that a radio show doesn't mean squat if you don't have listeners, and you don't have listeners very long if you don't give them what they want and keep things interesting. As such, he's perfectly willing to take requests, take time for commentary, play games, comedic interludes, and even diverge from what might be considered "normal format" if that's what will keep people tuning in to see what he'll get up to next. Don't expect things to run completely wild though; there's a fine line between a cacophony and an orchestral performance. Maintaining that balance should be a fun ride though!


Requests can be sent via KMail or PM to Zuraster (#140000) (Yeah... that's right... his player ID is an even 140k). If he doesn't have the song, he'll do his best to locate it. Barring that, you can email it to and he'll see if he can get it on the air. Donations can likewise be sent to (#140000), just mention in your KMail that it's intended for /games so he knows to throw it back to the masses! If Zuraster happens to be all ronin-y at a given time, just ask via PM and he can direct you where to send your donations so they'll do the most good.