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DJ Haikus

Courtesy of Tyrran

Cyris Flare's the man
Enjoy his dungeons of doom
My brains get eaten

Demyx loves Walt
Obsession bordering on
Real mental collapse

Dician wins out
Singing on Tatsuya's cue
acapella rock

Eris loves us all
Still confused by her show name
Ponies aren't knitted!

Guardian's a bear
Not because he eats salmon
But his massive beard

Janvier's German
Chasing those japanese girls

Jimmy is a pimp
A girl on each of his arms
Why play KoL????

Merric sends his love
All wrapped up in purple silk
And it's vibrating

There goes minigates
Floating out over the Cape
in his Led Zepplin

Mordengaard, UK
Death metal rains from above
Yet he loves puppies...

Nevena my boss
Don't let her catch me slacking
Crazy Koreans!

Numerrik's paddle
Has claimed many a fanny
And one cricket game

The thunder from down under
Easiest haiku

Does Sermari rock?
That's like asking the DJs
Do you give us shit

Shintenshi, wake up!
You haven't DJed a show
Since before oh 8!

Smashy, my darling
You and MoxiousGas are just
The funniest pair

Suyrc's important
He overhauls the forums
and rocks the wiki

We all love tacos
So we love Tacologic
And SmartBurritos

Our Tarotina
She tells us it's in the cards
A witch! Let's burn her!

Kampai, Tatsuya!
Two lovely daughters at home
Who sing for our shows!

Tyrran's a bastard
Always playing obscure tunes
Not a single prize

Anna may be young
But she has mad DJ skills
And Vlad's got her back

Courtesy of LuxNecronis

LuxNecronis rules
But is a little twisted
Who here likes moose meat?