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All About Her

Merric and ShadowFox

ShadowFox (#867056) is a DJ on GKOL. She is a 20 year old female residing in tiny Connecticut. She works at UPS. Wooo. Boxes. Fun and Joy. Sometimes, when she feels that she needs to force people into human contact, ShadowFox visits Weyrwomananna. ShadowFox collects boxes, opera masks, lemons, teethbrushes, and green candy hearts. On her main, Demonoid (#164665) she collects barrrnacles, tiny plastic barrrnacles, and gnauga hides. Although those same three collections do appear in ShadowFox's display case as well. Also, barrrnacles do not suck. And spaces are bad. Very bad. If you just happen to put a space in her name, you will discover that it is not her that you are talking to because there is actually another player with the same name, just with a space. ShadowFox is KoL married to fellow /gamer LordSurge. They are also dating in real life. Wait, what's real life? O.o

"B is for Barrrnacle"

ShadowFox's Avatar

ShadowFox hosts "B is for Barrnacle" on GKOL. Her show is randomness. There is really no telling what will go on during one of her shows. There will of course be random talk, along with the most random music you can expect. Oddly, people seem to like it.

Requests and Donations

ShadowFox's Avatar

If you have any requests that you want ShadowFox to play, you can email her at or Kmail her the name of the song along with the artist to ShadowFox (#867056). Remember, there are no spaces, spaces are bad. Donations can be sent to Barrrnacle (#1319730).